Fitness isn’t a fad. It’s a lifestyle!!!

The time is now! Are you ready to lose weight, burn fat, drop inches, have more energy, strengthen and tone your entire body???

Ikaika Fitness reveals a proven fat loss solution that will help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible!

…Let IFiT break it down…

You see, our program targets:

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  • RESISTANCE TRAINING (Anaerobic zone): increased muscular strength, power, and endurance; improved posture; reshapes the body improving body composition; better bone density; boosted immune system; better overall function and quality of life
  • CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS (Aerobic zone): one of the single most important factors influencing lifespan and quality, improved stamina, MELTS body fat away
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: makes us more efficient in our routine daily movements; works the body’s natural planes of motion, unrestricted by machines, improving our overall strength and stability, maximizes the body’s range of motion
  • Ikaika Fitness is using the above concepts synergistically which also allows for piqued interest and zero boredom; improved mental focus, and exponential production of results!

Here’s our PROMISE to you…

If you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days, you will be fully refunded, no hassles, no questions asked!!!

From: Ikaika Gilman
Owner Ikaika Fitness, Waianae Personal Trainer


Are you tired of spending countless hours exercising and getting NO results? Are you sick of sitting in traffic wasting time, or just wish you could train closer to home? Are you uncomfortable in a gym setting because: 1. You don’t know what to do? 2. You feel intimidated? 3. Are worried about what people think of you? Have you spent your hard earned money on fat loss pills, weight loss programs, fad diets, and still struggling to reach your goals? There is one simple answer to all these questions… IKAIKA FITNESS!

IFiT provides working out in a group setting with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals, which is more effective in getting results and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Every class is like a battle that is faced together as a unit. As we support and push each other to strive to do our best, a sense of teamwork creates bonds among participants at each class. This allows for a challenge that is also fun. However, if you are seeking a more personalized regimen tailored to your specific needs, we’ve got you covered with personal or partner training. In a private or semi-private setting you receive 100% focus of your trainer and can capitalize on that with a consistent stream of encouragement, feedback, and attention in a manner that is specific to YOU and your own preferences or goals.
Aloha! My name is Ikaika Gilman. I am a personal trainer/weight loss specialist and passionate owner of Ikaika Fitness in Waianae, HI. I have been involved in the fitness industry since 2003. I have completed marathons, triatholons (first place in my age division Honolulu Sprint Triatholon), sprint and distance runs, obstacles, mud/water courses, and competed in power lifting (took first in my division for the bench and dead lift, bench pressing 476lbs and breaking the state record, and dead lifting 550+).

I am certified as a personal trainer through NCSF and AFAA, and also TRX certified. TRX is suspension training, using hanging straps to perform moves that engage the core and complete a variety of total body movements. I am group resistance training certified, as well as group strength and conditioning certified. I am also very fortunate for my opportunities while working as a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness Pearl City where trainers and managers alike strive to be the best at what they do, always learning, always evolving. While there I had training courses in kettle bells, slosh pipes, battle ropes, smash, slam, and dinamax ball.

I am currently into obstacle challenges such as Warrior Dash (Warrior Dash just completed its second year in Hawaii) and currently getting ready for the Spartan Race (August 17, 2013). Still anxious to get after the Tough Mudder BRING IT to Hawaii! I enjoy working out on my own and with friends. I believe it’s beneficial for individuals at any level to continue with a coach or trainer. I attend Eden’s TRX bootcamps, the original TRX bootcamp of Hawaii ( I also do crossfit at Kapolei Strength and Conditioning where the coaches are the real deal!

Cheee!! you ready to get after it bah??? Come down and sample da kine bootcamp class or personal training session offered right hea in da backyard of your neighborhood of Waianae…haha!!! :D

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We do not use generic fitness routines. We deliver RESULTS!!!!

You’ll NEVER get bored doing the same old routine and your body will rapidly respond to the 24/7 Fat Burning methods even without you being aware of it. One week we’ll target strength and conditioning, cardio circuits, or functional training. The next we’ll do metabolic training, and so on. I will constantly choose a different program where your body will be in a constant state of muscle confusion. That is my secret to your success, to ensure you see results month after month!!

My program is designed to kick-start your metabolism for maximum fat burning and increased energy in the shortest time possible. You see, it includes:

  • Fun and diverse rapid-fat-loss training in a private or semi-private setting
  • You’ll feel your energy level improve immediately
  • A simple to follow nutritional program to maximize your fat loss and body transformation
  • Progress will be tracked with consistent fitness assessments
  • Support from your trainer, which is a crucial aspect of my program
  • An active isolative stretching program to safeguard yourself from any injury
  • You’ll look and feel healthier
  • You will begin to fit into your old clothes again
  • You’ll feel confident walking on the beach in your bathing suit
  • You will enjoy the compliments you get from your family and friends because of how great you look!

Anna R.
Lost a total of 25 lbs and felt healthier than ever!
“It is without reservation that I give my highest recommendation for Mr. Ikaika Gilman as a personal trainer”

And this is why…

I was introduced to Ikaika after my very first personal trainer left the state for another job. I was nervous that switching my routine would slow my results, or worse, discourage me from pursuing my fitness goals. I couldnt have been more wrong, Ikaika ramped up my fitness to an entirely new and desirable level! He is able to combine strength training, plyometrics, and cardiovascular techniques in a skillful manner and more importantly, in an incredibly FUN way! He was able to adjust my training to meet my military physical fitness goals while not getting stuck in the monotonous sit, push, and run. During my training with Ikaika, I lost a total of 25 lbs and felt healthier than ever. I had more energy, self confidence, and of most importance, my health! I now have a fundamental understanding of my personal health and fitness, and I can incorporate these techniques into my daily fitness routines. I especially love Ikaika’s group training. It provides a fun atmosphere to meet others with similar goals and work just a little harder, as I am slightly competitive.

Michelle M.
"Made all the difference"
“I’m not just a mom. I’m a fit mom!”

“I’ve always loved sports and wasn’t prepared for the changes the additional 35 pounds my pregnancy would bring. I desperately wanted to return to my pre-baby stature. While I knew my previous workouts had done well for me I also knew I needed a much more difficult regimen to battle the weight, loose belly and war against age. Let me introduce you to Ikaika – the trainer instrumental in my transformation. His workouts tested my limits, but I looked forward to every session. The mixture of cardio, total body weight movements and heavy weights/low reps were all new to me. And they made all the difference. I used to deadlift 50 pounds, but Ikaika encouraged me to push my strength to 125 pounds. And my routines no longer include boring crunches – my abs get their workout through planks, TRX workouts and ball slams. My arms are now beautifully defined, I actually have a 4-pack and my body fat is the lowest it’s been in over a decade! I can’t begin to thank Ikaika enough for introducing me to a new style of fitness and helping me love what I see in the mirror. I’m not just a mom. I’m a fit mom.”


Growing up, I was an athlete, graduating high school with 12 varsity letters in a total of 5 sports, was the hall of fame athlete for my school and even went on to compete in sports at the collegiate level. After college though, I quickly went into a rebellion mode. Exercise and practices felt like a chore along the way had become not fun at all in my eyes. After college I ceased all physical activity. It felt have the extra free time, and not have to put in the brutally mentally/physically challenging work .

A few years later, when I first met Ikaika, I was in a rut and I didn’t even know it… My lifestyle was soooo unhealthy, eating fast food virtually every meal, and still NEVER participating in any form of exercise. Ikaika gently encouraged me to start exercising again. I was nervous because I knew how drastically my physical capabilities must have taken a plunge. Ikaika was not forcefully trying to convince me, which allowed the decision to participate in exercise feel different: it was now MY decision and that was empowering.

I reluctantly worked with Ikaika on rebuilding fitness level. I had trouble just stepping up and down on a box at first. I felt like what appeared to be even the most simple exercise moves were so difficult for me. As a once star athlete, this is SO FRUSTRATING! I had a HORRIBLE attitude while we worked out for the first couple months. Ikaika was able to take my moodiness in stride, and give me just the right amount of encouragement, pushing me just the right amount so that I continued on. It took so much patience and perseverance for him to push me through that initial stage! I don’t think any other trainer out there could have helped me get back into working out.

So not only did Ikaika magically get me back into exercising, but he got me to stick with it, and even…start to LOVE it again!! I look forward to working out now. I love working hard too! I notice when I walk up stairs or a hill that I am not winded anymore, and I can do so many things again…like pull ups! I have lost about 20 pounds and over 10% body fat in less than a year. I feel so good about myself, my physical abilities and appearance are something to be proud of now. Ikaika clearly has a special gift, because when I go to bootcamp classes, I hear others say the same high praises as I do. He is able to make fitness fun, for EVERYONE! I am so thankful for Ikaika bringing fitness back into my life in a way that makes it a lifestyle..a fun fit lifestyle…an IfiT lifestyle!

Momi Robins

Ikaika Fitness was a Godsend for my family. In as little as 4 weeks I saw a difference in my arms, my butt and my legs. Ikaika encouraged me to engage in exercises that I felt I couldn’t do. Quickly I realized I was limiting myself, but that I didn’t have to. I could actually do it. I never exercised this hard in my life, but the results were worth it. And, after the first session, I anxiously awaited every class. I knew that this activity would yield me great results in a short amount of time. I could feel my body being sculpted every session. My 9-year-old daughter started personal training sessions with Ikaika too. We asked her to give up two unhealthy habits, added vitamins to her daily regime, increased her water intake, and in one week she lost 5 pounds. I can’t describe the joy I saw in her face when she saw the results on the scale and in the way her clothes fit. Her increased confidence and motivation to keep going is something for which I am ecstatic and extremely grateful. Ikaika gave us hope that there was indeed something we could do for her. As a mother, there’s no greater gift. I am Ikaika’s number one supporter and would encourage anyone to join in. It will change your life.

Marty Bryant
“I have lost close to 90 lbs”

First, a little bit about me, my name is Marty Bryant and I live most of the year here in Hawaii, the balance of my time I spend at my second home in Southern California. After almost 25 years of working a grueling work schedule of 50- 60 hours per week I decided enough was enough and threw in the towel. However, after stopping, I quickly realized the results of 25 years of sedentary life left me, not just overweight, but very limited in what I could do with my new found free life. I almost immediately came to terms with the fact, that absent a dramatic change I was not going to have that much more life.
Concluding, only I could change things, I embarked on making exercising a part of my daily life, I started going to the gym every day, swimming in the beautiful Pacific Ocean and even starting playing tennis at Ala Moana Beach Park.

I slowing began to see and feel my life improving, but felt I was always hurting too much from my exercises or hurting myself when I played tennis or even from swimming. I started to pay attention and talking to individuals who were working with trainers, they all seemed to be more exuberant, motivated and overall seemed to enjoy the gym experience more then I was. I feared I would fall into a pattern of excuses and avoidance in the near term if I didn’t take myself to the next step.
This is where Ikaika Gilman comes in, I watched all the trainers and clients at the gym and it didn’t take me long to realize, the happiest, at least when they left, were those who worked out with Ikaika. I decided to give it a shot; we met, discussed my advancing age, my ailments, frailties, occasional complaints and my overall goal of living a better healthier life here in Hawaii. I said I had no expectations of being 25 years younger or having the body of Tatum Channing. 1 just wanted to keep moving forward and pushing myself to do the more I hoped I was capable of.

What resulted is a friendship and working relationship that keeps me motivated, exercising hard, complaining on rare occasions (Ikaika may disagree on the rare aspect), but always feeling better for the hours I spend with Ikaika in the gym on my training days. It has also made me more confident and stronger in taking on other activities and pushing myself on my self-guided gym days.

My greatest improvements are not necessarily in my appearance, although I have lost close to 90 lbs. since starting my exercise regimen, but in my stamina, resilience and most importantly my outlook on life. I attribute a large part of this to the ever changing way Ikaika has integrated, so much of what I do in my training with him, into how I live my life each day. My endurance when I swim is much stronger as a result of stronger arms and legs and my stamina at playing tennis has improved where I challenge individuals much younger than me and live them a good workout.

If I were to sum up working with Ikaika, I’d have to say it is, his ability to understand me as a person, tailor training that keeps me engaged, keeps me motivated and keeps me enjoying the process of moving forward physically and mentally and also keeps me smiling.

Roy Robins
“ I have lost fat, gained muscle, improved my cardiovascular conditioning, increased my strength”

My name is Roy Robins and I am 31 years old. I met Ikaika in March of 2013. My sister and brother-in-law had already been training with Ikaika for a few months and had been trying to get me to go. I finally decided that I would try the classes out in March.  Although I knew that I needed to lose weight, I was hesitant because I do not like exercising, specially when it is in group a setting. From the first class, I knew that this was something that I could do. The class is really challenging but doable. Ikaika demonstrates how to adjust the exercises to fit my fitness level and is constantly motivating me to do more and work through it. Ikaika has created an environment where complete strangers can exercise together, and motivate each other to make it through the class. I am currently on my 2nd set of 5 week sessions, where I attend 2 or 3 classes per week. I am now on a path to reaching my goal of weight loss. I have lost fat, gained muscle, improved my cardiovascular conditioning, increased my strength, and can honestly say that I love these training sessions.

Tehani Robins
“I have reached my goal weight and am able to maintain it with proper dieting.”

My name is Tehani Robins and I am 39 years old. I met Ikaika in October of 2012 while exercising at the beach. He was setting up for some kind of a class. I had just given birth 4 weeks prior and wanted to begin getting back into the shape that I was in before my pregnancy. I had exercised all throughout my pregnancy and was really conscientious of what I ate, because I did not want to let myself go. Although I only had several pounds to lose, I knew that I wanted to take these exercise classes. I told my husband about Ikaika’s classes and we decided to do them together. From the first class, I knew that this would be a great addition to the exercise that I was already doing. The classes are fast paced and keep my attention throughout. Although they are difficult, I am able to do it. The classes have improved my cardiovascular conditioning, improved my muscle tone, and has increased my strength. I have reached my goal weight and am able to maintain it with proper dieting.

Royce Beers
“I have maintained my weight while gaining muscle, and improved my overall strength and conditioning.”

My name is Royce Beers and I am 44 years old. I have been working on my health and fitness for the past 5 years. My goals are to maintain a healthy weight, improve my overall strength and conditioning, and to gain muscle mass. My wife happened to meet Ikaika while exercising at the beach while he was setting up for a training session/class in October of 2012. My wife and I started his class the very next week. I knew from the first class that I would become a regular. It combined cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and other exercises that I knew would help me to achieve and maintain my goals. The classes are very challenging but manageable at the same time. Because of the way the class is set up, I am able to adjust the difficulty level of each exercise by adapting the movements to my needs. Since starting the classes in October, I have completed 4 training bricks, and am working on my 5th. Each brick contains 5 weeks, with 2 or 3 sessions per week. Since beginning the classes, I have maintained my weight while gaining muscle, and improved my overall strength and conditioning.

Bootcamp, Group Training

“I wanted to workout and get fit but didn’t wanna go to a Gym. I knew the only way to get where I wanna be is to put in WORK! So when I got a call from my friend asking if I wanted to join her for this beach boot camp with Ikaika Gilman and I was all for it. That first day was a mixture of excitement and fear at the same time, thinking to myself I don’t  even know if my body can handle it…but I want this! I completed the first day and let me tell you it was the best feeling! That feeling of accomplishment is awesome and it’s what keeps me pushing forward through every session. The soreness throughout my body the next couple of days is my reminder that I’m closer and closer to reaching my goals! Ikaika’s training, support and encouragement on that first day of class is what made me commit to myself and his classes.I enjoy putting in WORK every session and love the results that I’m getting.”

Kamoani 30

Personal Training, Partner Training and Bootcamp Training

“About 2 years ago, I found myself in a workout rut: I wasn’t seeing much improvement just running and lifting on my own, so I decided to get some one-on-one attention.  Ikaika Gilman listened to my goals, developed a personalized plan, and constantly challenged me.  In every twice-a-week 50-minute session, he incorporated traditional free weights with more functional exercises that used body weight, TRX bands, ropes, resistance bands, smash balls, kettle bells, and slosh pipes.  Not only did he surprise me with a new workout each time we met, he combined these unique exercises into supersets that would work my whole body…and then give me very little time

to rest in between sets!  Ikaika also kept detailed track of my progress, always knowing how much weight or how many reps would really challenge me.  This, combined with his positive attitude, allowed me to push my limits in every exercise, during every session.  Thanks to Ikaika’s creativity, aggressive pacing, and relentless encouragement, I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my muscle definition, greater strength and endurance in my other workouts, and significant increases in my military fitness test scores!”

Paul Mackenzie

Bootcamp Training and Group Training

“I moved to Hawai’i (when I turned 50) about a year ago, with the intention of being closer to my sons and starting a whole new life. My personal goal was to become fit, strong, and healthy. My older son, Dustin, who is a friend of Ikaika’s, is a trainer, but the drive from Waianae to Waikiki wouldn’t work out for me. I looked into joining gyms or employing the services of other trainers/classes. Nothing fit financially or geographically!

It was then that Ikaika was starting his boot camp bricks at his home gym, and Dustin suggested I try it since I live in Waianae. I will be forever grateful to my son for hooking me up with Ikaika Fitness! Ikaika is a positive, intelligent trainer who motivates me to push myself to reach my fitness goals at every session. The small group atmosphere allows him to give individual assistance as well as group motivation. The cost is very reasonable. I had no problem fitting Ikaika’s professional services into my small budget. His results and expertise are worth every penny!

Two months ago, I could barely complete a push-up or hold myself up in a plank for 10 seconds. I had insomnia. My clothes felt uncomfortable. Already… I can do about 10 push-ups and hold a plank for at least 90 seconds. I never have problems falling asleep anymore. I’ve dropped one dress size. Friends are noticing my weight/inch loss. Most of all, I feel amazing!!!

I surprise myself at every session, pushing myself to achieving my fitness goals. I’ve found myself now joining other exercise groups. I’ll also be participating in the Spartan Race in August (at age 51)! I could not have done any of this without Ikaika Fitness. Thank you, Ikaika, for giving me hope and support! Mahalo!”

Laura McKenna 50

As you can see from the testimonials, Ikaika Fitness has been a huge success for many people. I help people achieve the body they have always wanted, but more importantly, I facilitate a path to improve all realms of your life…an IFiT lifestyle…

“Fitness isn’t a fad…it’s a lifestyle”

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Make it an IFiT lifestyle!

Mahalo nui loa,
Ikaika Gilman
Owner Ikaika Fitness
Waianae Personal Trainer

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